Introducing the new Body Range

The ananné hair and body collection has been created in collaboration with a local Swiss perfumer, delivering a range of citrus-based scents that are as pure and fresh as nature intended. The range features a purifying shampoo, an intensive conditioner, a cleansing body wash and a nourishing body lotion. Each product contains an abundance of nutrient rich ingredients, expertly blended to deliver optimum results.

what is ananné?

Super Natural Beauty

Real beauty is a synergy of inner and outer in perfect balance, and Ananné is your ultimate guide to bring balance from the outer, for it is the best phytocosmetics in the world.


The best ingredients whatever the cost, the ultimate processing process, no matter how painstaking, stylish timeless beautiful packaging. Products that cosset your very being, that shine with the spirit of Ananné.


The skin is a powerfully regenerative living organ but is stressed by the modern world. Perfect skin care must therefore refresh without further damage, protect without suffocation and dynamically nourish the regeneration process, just as Ananné does.


Our unique advantage comes from our medical research into skin absorption which ensures that our exceptional ingredients reach the deepest layers of the skin. Ananné feels entirely different – experience skin care like no other – experience Ananné.

super natural skin care


Cleansers for a healthy and clear complexion, that vitalise the skin to stimulate internal as well as external cleansing.

Essential Care

Optimal skin nourishment for the unique ananné feeling – perfectly absorbed, perfectly balanced, perfectly your skin.

Special Care

Intensive care regenerative serums with the most precious and powerful ingredients for the deepest layers of the skin.

On the Go

The ideal travel companion, for the wash bag or handbag, on the plane, train or in the car – you need these products with you at all times!

What you get

  • From the Earth

    Explore the ingredients grown on and derived from from the land

  • From the Sea

    Explore the ingredients that come from the oceans

  • For a Better World

    Learn more about the Ananné company and its values.

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Our Solacium and Regeneratio products have been shown to have a deep healing effect on traumatised skin, for example skin stressed during cancer treatment. Because of this, Ananné donates £5 of every Solacium serum sold to Yes to Life, who offer support, information and financial assistance to people living with cancer and seeking to pursue approaches that are currently unavailable on the NHS.

They aim to change attitudes and make integrative cancer care (combining the best of conventional and complementary approaches) readily availible so that people have the best chance of regaining their health.

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